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Ferdinand A Kovacic | +43-664-169-1903 |


Integrative Business and Organizational Development

Independent Service Boutique offering a mix of RESEARCH, CONSULTANCY and PROJECT ACCOMPANIMENT. Supporting you as you build your strategic, long-term BUSINESS and ORGANIZATIONAL capabilities with a special focus on GLOBAL skills, EMERGING MARKETS | AFRICA and YOUTH WORK.

Unique Style of Consulting


hybrid systems architectures | loose-fit organizations | applied system thinking | system leadership | tailored designs & interventions | co-evolution & co-creation | rich depot of tools & methodologies | modular curricula | accompanied on-the-project development | jour-flex & after-works | professional project support


finest traditional craftsmanship coupled with contemporary modernism | design & curation | orientation frameworks | conceptual cartography | highest standards for content, knowledge transfer & sustainability | pragmatic execution | return to essentials | continuous research & renewal | academic standards


neo-generalistic system analysis | global competencies | integrative development | strategy & business models | organization & change design | leadership & culture development | business trainings & curricula | interims management | special projects | business coaching & mentoring | for start-ups · business · NGOs · teams · individuals

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01| Total Economic, Societal and Environmental Impact

Consulting with Principles

02| Spaces and Rhythms

The 7-D Process

three sixty degree DIAGNOSIS | adaptive dynamics DESIGNS | open change ARCHITECTURES | organizational ACADEMY | conceptional CARTOGRAPHY | emerging MARKETS | polarizing FRONTIERS

GLOBAL Competencies for Polyrhythmic Times: A Neo-Generalistic Approach

03| Future Spaces

Co-development | Co-evolution: a Partnering Approach

04| Triple T – Thinking Things Through

Strategic & Sustainable Designs

Business Results and Organizational Development | A Teaser

  EXTERNAL VIEW. Create time, space and resources to focus on the external world. Identify environmental spheres, stakeholders and mega-trends. Govern strategic search and renewal processes.
STRATEGIC ORIENTATION. Simultaneously balance renewal|differentiation and integration|operational excellence. Align business models, company and functional strategies. Master uncertainty and ambivalance. Foster technological fitness, especially in the digital arena.
  LINKING & SYNCHRONIZING. Apply System Thinking. Optimize the effectiveness of the organization overall. Spot and accept interdependencies. Sucessfully manage across boundaries. Reconcile functional, social and temporal aspects. Consider timing and pacing. Set minimalistic and harmonious interventions. Design and practice decision management.
  ORGANIZATION. Build internal organizational and personal capabilities. Combine technical know-how with generalistic business and process knowledge. Improve organizational self-governance. Aim for Loose-Fit Designs. Manage fluid organizational networks and boundaries. Assure efficient execution. Develop talents at all levels.
  TOOLS & MIND-SETS. Offer solid business trainings sessions and well-chosen tools and methodologies. Connect concepts and execution. Systematically foster internal curricula. Teach System Thinking. Renew mental mind maps.
  THE PROJECT. Postulate and support organizational learning and change competencies in current projects. Re-inforce individual leadership development and team effectiveness. Offer professional accompaniment to the team.
  JOUR-FLEX. Initiate regular, yet flexible meet-ups, after-works with individuals or small teams. Create physical LogBooks to support the „analogue“ side of thinking and learning.
  CHANGE. Install supportive change-design and professional project management. Develop and use Living Dashboards. Balance polarities. Assure societal, economic and ecological long-term contributions. Maintain your ethical and aesthetical orientation.

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